The Senses Toolkit helps you understand and communicate climate change scenarios

The Toolkit will include a unique collection of user-centred scenario visualization tools, include practical guidelines and manuals, and build on co-production techniques of relevant and useful climate change knowledge.

The Toolkit will focus on three user groups:

  • national and international climate policy makers
  • regional climate scenario users
  • businesses, particularly those with long term planning horizons

It will enable you to gain relevant insights into adaptation to climate change, mitigation of climate change and residual climate impacts.

More information in late 2018 and on the project website

Climate Change Scenario Primer

The first tool is our interactive primer that helps you understand what climate change scenarios are and how they are connected to socioeconomics, energy & land use, emissions, climate and climate impacts. We explain the basic terminology to get you started with our visualisation tools.

Visit the primer